13th Steering Committee Meeting of the LEAP Partnership

On January 22, 2016 around 30 participants from around the globe gathered to plan the next exciting phase of the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership program – Leap+.

With funding for the next financial year now in place, the challenge set for the participants was that of developing a challenging though realistic phase two development and delivery program.

While there was ambition to undertake new work in areas such as biodiversity, it was also recognised that the guidelines that were recently undergoing consultation would require a degree of field testing to both ensure they are applicable and robust and importantly provide valuable insights into how they can, and have successfully been, applied at grass roots level.

Building on ISO 14046:2014 and forthcoming IDF methods, LEAP will also work this year to build consensus on contentious areas such as water footprinting and modelling of nitrogen and phosphorus cycles for an efficient use of natural resources. Last but not least, LEAP will also tackle the contentious area of carbon storage, starting work on modelling of soil carbon storages in grassland and rangeland

The work programme for 2016 will be published, though one outcome is assured, it will build on the excellent collaborative and multi-stakeholder efforts the LEAP participants have delivered to date.