The Virtual DSF Annual Members Meeting will be held online on 30 November 2021, starting at 19h00 UK time. Planned with the support of the DSF Development Group, this year’s theme is: Enhancing member interaction for effective progress.  The meeting will last approximately three hours – for details see the 2021 DSF Annual Members Meeting Program.   To attend the event please click here to register

Times around the world for noting in your diary:
Chicago – 13h00 30 November 2021
Auckland – 08h00 1 December 2021
Montevideo – 16h00 30 November 2021
Tokyo – 04h00 1 December 2021
Santiago – 16h00 30 November 2021
Sydney – 06h00 1 December 2021

If you have any questions about the meeting please contact us.