B2B Model

With the continued  success and recognition of the DSF, different levels of the value chain have sought to understand how the model could be used as a basis to streamline compliance issues between producers, processors and buyers of dairy products and ingredients globally – a B2B development built on the principles of the DSF.

In 2017, the DSF Governors commissioned the Dairy Working Group of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) to explore if and how a suitable model could potentially be established. The aim to in addition to applying the DSF model it could also increase efficiency in areas such as reduced surveys/audits and a mutual recognition of the process undertaken by suppliers.

This model, if successful, will build upon the foundation established by the DSF and become an option available for members that would be an agreement between the seller and customer.  The B2B model will not be part of then DSF Commitment, although in some instances will add value to the hard work DSF members are already undertaking and reporting to the DSF.

The SAI Dairy Working Group has representation from all levels of the value chains and as such developments have been an impressive combined effort.  Much of the basic work has now been completed with the next stage of work through to the end of 2018 being a series of pilot testing initiatives in Europe, Australia and the USA. These will explore the practical application of a draft B2B model and will report back on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the draft model.

The DSF has asked the Chair of the B2B development initiative, David Pendlington (Mars), to provide some further background to the project and their progress to date.

A presentation will be uploaded shortly.