Membership Categories

Three ways to join and contribute to the Dairy Sustainability Framework

By ‘signing up’, you are agreeing to collaborate with the global dairy sector in addressing the key sustainability criteria identified (and others if pertinent on a local basis).

The DSF wants to ensure that those who join are genuinely committed to helping us demonstrate dairy’s positive contribution to the sustainability challenge and, importantly, quantify our continuous improvement.

It is important that the dairy sector is recognized for its diversity and the wide range of organizations operating across the different levels of the value chain and as such we cannot expect the same outcomes from every organization/grouping that want to join us in this ambitious initiative.

We have therefore established three categories of membership of the DSF:

Aggregating Members: The new aggregation approach allows countries, regions or even small groupings of dairy sector organizations who are collaborating on sustainability programs to register and report through one coordinating organisation. For reporting commitments please click here.

Full Implementing Members: Those who can realistically endorse the Criteria and Strategic Intents and implement initiatives to address these. E.g. farming groups, dairy manufacturers. For reporting commitments please click here.

Affiliate Members: Those close to or part of the sector who are able to endorse the Sustainability Criteria and Strategic intents, though not in a position to directly implement sustainability initiatives address the Criteria for the dairy sector. E.g. research organizations. Affiliate members have no reporting commitments but are encouraged to share any appropriate initiatives.