As the Dairy Sustainability Framework becomes more established, we anticipate providing our members with many useful resources via the members’ Extranet.

Carbon Credits and the dairy sector: to sell or not to sell?

A Literature Review of Global Warming Potential* (GWP*)

DSF Case Study template for Members

DSF Member Case study proforma 2021

Climate Change and the Global Dairy Cattle Sector (2019)

DSF Annual review 2017-2018

FAO Analysis of GHG Emissions from Dairy 2005-2015

View the Video of the launch of the FAO Analysis of GHG Emissions from Dairy 2005 – 2015 on December 4, 2018

Theory of Change Briefing Paper 2017

Materiality Briefing paper

DSF Annual review 2016-2017

Dairy and the Sustainable Development Goals

IDF Guide to Standard Life Cycle Assessment Methodology

DSF Annual Report 2015-2016

GDDA DSF Brochure

DSF Annual Report 2014