DSF supporting Chilean project with Consortia Lechero

chile1The DSF has been supporting a collaboratively funded project in Chile being implemented by Consortia Lechero, a cross industry collaborative group which has the mission to:

Become the articulator of the national dairy chain to increase its competitiveness

Importantly those involved in the project see this basically as ‘sustainability’, recognising all the different components that interact to make the mission possible. At a recent meeting with the delivery personal of this project, practical implementation of them Framework was discussed.

The project team had already advanced the development of their multi-stakeholder interactions at a local level, stating that never before the project had they interacted with consumer organisations, indicating that to date this had been an extremely valuable and eye opening experience and they look forward to having similar engagements with other stakeholders.

The two year project that has Government support, both financially and through individuals on the project team, is designed to get the Chilean sector established on their sustainability journey using the flexible approach of the DSF as their delivery model.

The DSF looks forward to continuing to support this exciting initiative and importantly capturing the outcomes of the excellent work they are undertaking and including it in DSF progress reporting.

Pictured from l-r Sebastian Ganaderas, Daniela Acuna Reyes, Octavio Oltra, Brian Lindsay and Natalie Jones.