Ensuring continued alignment with sector sustainability objectives

The DSF governance model has been developed through an iterative process and in consultation with internal and external stakeholder groups in order to ensure the establishment of a system through which dairy sector representatives from around the globe and across the dairy value chain are supported in their efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of their practices, and to share their experiences as part of a collaborative effort of the global dairy sector.

In addition to establishing mechanisms to support communication and information transfer among dairy sector stakeholders, open and transparent dialogue with external stakeholders continues to be of critical importance for the ongoing functioning of the Dairy Sustainability Framework, and importantly, the recognition of the dairy sector’s progress.

Governance model breakdown (see diagram & accompanying notes)

Dairy Sustainability Framework
  • Current Governors: Dairy Australia, European Dairy Association (EDA), Eastern and South African Dairy Association (ESADA), Pan-American Dairy Federation (FEPALE), Global Dairy Platform (GDP), Innovation Center for US Dairy, International Dairy Federation (IDF), Sustainable Agricultural Initiative Platform (SAI), World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Dairy Asia.
  • Approves and secures framework implementation funding/resources
  • Ensures continued alignment with sector objectives
Stakeholder Advisory Council (ADCO)
  • A mix of external stakeholders from across the dairy supply chain including: dairy farming, dairy processing, customers and retailers, consumers, academia, government agencies, financial institutions, labour, interest groups/NGO
  • Members represent their stakeholder area of specialization at a global scale
  • Current representation on ADCO: American Humane, ASDA, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), FAO, Global Dairy Platform (GDP), Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), IDF, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Rabobank, The Nature Conservancy, USAID, World Bank, World Resources Institute (WRI), WWFUS.
  • Presents change requests to DSF
DSF Development Group
  • Members possess a range of required skill sets based on development needs of the DSF, and represent the different components of the dairy value chain. A balanced regional representation is also sought
  • Maintains and review content for conformance to framework objectives
  • Development Group TOR
  • Sustainability Sector Lead (Brian Lindsay) with administrative support
  • Full Implementing Members, Affiliate Members and Aggregators
  • Catalogue existing activity on some or all sustainability categories along the “continuous improvement spectrum”
  • Develop locally appropriate action plans and reports progress against objectives