Measuring the progress of the global dairy industry

As you are aware, the DSF is keen to publicly express the aggregated sustainability journey of the global dairy sector.

Due to the flexible nature of the Framework’s operation (i.e. each member generating their own KPIs and metrics for their own local situation), we need to generate some ‘common’ metrics that members will use as part of their evaluation process of initiatives under each of the 11 Sustainability Criteria.

Annually,  the results will be collected and aggregated to effectively build the picture of progression of the dairy sector for each of the Sustainability Criteria.  Over time, we will be able to establish a trend line that clearly demonstrates the continuous improvement of the sector sustainability.

Instead of trying to establish 11 metrics at once, it has been agreed that over the next year we will develop and introduce three metrics (one for each of the sustainability pillars) only.  We plan to begin with the following:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions – this is relatively straight forward as we will follow the guidance of the IDF guide on calculating GHG emissions for dairy farming and processing
  • Market Development / Rural economies (though only one of these will be introduced in the next year)
  • Animal care

What the Framework does not want to do is waste energy and effort in establishing new metrics when some may already be utilised by our members.

We would very much like to hear from our members if they are already using any metrics that may fit underneath any of the above.  eg, are you already reporting into other reporting initiatives that have metrics that could potentially be adopted?

One key attribute that the metrics must have is that they must be globally applicable and relatively easy to implement.

So we are working on this now so please do email us the details of any metrics that we could consider under each of the above four Criteria.