Can the world produce 10 billion healthy diets while transitioning agriculture from a source of degradation to one of restoration?

CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) recently announced an upcoming global Commission on Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture. The Commission will produce a report geared toward global decision-makers, on guidance for the transformation to sustainable food systems.

What will the Commission cover?
The Commission will explore solutions and innovations to make agricultural systems more sustainable, particularly in the developing world. The solutions must consider the socio-political landscape and address nutrition, economic growth and the environment, and climate resilience. Proposed topic areas include organic vs. GMO, smallholder vs. industrial and major barriers to change.

With whom is CGIAR partnering?
It appears the global Commission is a partnership between EAT and CGIAR WLE. At the EAT Forum last week, EAT co-hosted a session with CGIAR on the Commission.

Are there opportunities for involvement/engagement?
In the next few months, CGIAR WLE will launch a Commission Secretariat. The organization is also looking for partners, Commissioners and authors. Izabella Koziell, CGIAR WLE (, is the contact for more information on the Commission.