Draft C-Sequ Guidelines released for pilot testing

We know this was communicated in the September’s DSF Newsletter though with all the discussions at the COP26 and many others referencing the importance of above and below ground sequestration, we feel the need to share this again in this edition.

The first life-cycle assessment (LCA)-based methodology for calculating carbon sequestration in cattle production systems is now available for pilot testing. The methodology, C-Sequ, was developed by a consortium of dairy and beef organizations, global soil scientists and LCA specialists – the culmination of two years’ work.

Carbon capture and sequestration are potential mitigation solutions to the global climate challenge, but current methods to quantify the sequestered carbon are complex. The C-Sequ guidelines include a straightforward, step-by-step guide for the quantification process as well as useful examples. The C-Sequ Partners encourage others working in this space to apply the methodology and to share their experiences of its implementation so collectively they can be enhanced for wider and meaningful application. Please click on the links to download the guidelines and feedback form.