In March the United Nations Environment Assembly was held in Nairobi Kenya.  The DSF was able to attend this Assembly as part of the Global Dairy Platform delegation coordinated by the International Agri-Food Network.

This provided the opportunity to deliver:

  • Two speaking slots and subsequent panel discussions
  • 12 bilateral meetings with country delegations and UN programs such as UNEP
  • Attend two special events allowing the opportunity to connect with a number of key UN ambassadors and representatives.

Attending this event was a considerable eye opener with many of the main UNEA sessions referencing agriculture and in particular livestock production.  What was more concerning was many of the side events and the limited or even incorrect statistics being quoted in relation to the impacts of livestock production on the environment.

The livestock sector must be increasingly focused on generating robust and science-based evidence regarding the attributes of livestock production and importantly demonstrate, with quantifiable evidence, how the sector continues to improve at scale.