GDAA at Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock

IMG_1060Some 195 participants from 45 different countries spanning five continents descended on Panama for the 6th Multi-stakeholder meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.

Representatives came from the Private and public sectors, NGOs, Academia, Social Movements, intergovernmental, multilateral and donor organisations.  The Global Agenda now has some 77 members globally.

The Global Dairy Agenda for Action were invited by the conference organisers to share how a framework approach adopted by the dairy sector (the DSF) could be a potential approach for other livestock sectors.

Jay Waldvogel of Dairy Farmers of America (DSF Member and member of the GDP Operations Committee) presented on behalf of the Framework sharing some key points of difference between the Framework approach and the more traditional approach of addressing sustainability of livestock production systems.

The DSF provides a;

  • Framework versus Standards
  • Continuous improvement versus Point in Time reporting
  • Honest and transparent approach that recognizes we need to improve versus simply trying to convince everyone we are right
  • A single inclusive Framework that allows the entire industry to participate versus multiple exclusive programs that try to define right and wrong – winners and losers
  • A Framework that will deliver global alignment, connection and progress

The conference also spent considerable time linking the IMG_1056IMG_1046sustainability efforts of the different livestock sectors through the lens of the wide range of stakeholders present and the roles each of us can play both individually and collectively.