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Dairy Sustainability Framework Annual Report

The Dairy Sustainability will release its first Annual Report this month at the World Dairy Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Report sets the scene and starting point for the Framework, which now numbers over 40 members from across the dairy value chain and across the world, representing 17% of global milk production and over half a million farmers with a total of nearly 18 million cows.

Donald Moore, Chairman of GDAA says: “The way the dairy sector collaborates is envied by many other industries and the DSF is an excellent example of how the sector implements programmes that address prioritised sustainability challenges.”

The Report also includes information on the governance and future strategy of the DSF with a five year plan highlighting the aspirations for the GDAA.  There is a dedicated work programme in place including a database for members to upload their own sustainability programmes so they can be aggregated and tracked over time to demonstrate the sectors continuous improvement.

Subsequent reports will track and monitor sustainability progress of the global dairy sector from this starting point and will be published in the Spring each year. We are now starting work on the next report meaning Implementing Members should be aware they need to produce their own report for us.

The Annual Report is now available to download from the website.

New members for DSF



Membership of the DSF continues to grow with 42 confirmed at the beginning of September; 23 Affiliate Members and 19 Implementing. We would like to welcome new affiliate members  Megmilk Snow Brand and the California Dairy Research Foundation – we look forward to collaborating with them going forward.

The DSF Governors aspire to a critical mass of membership that is representative of the sector in both volume and diversity of production systems.  Even if you are just starting your sustainability activities or want to know more about it before starting, please do make contact with the Secretariat and we will be more than happy to spend the time with you explaining the Framework and its aspirations for the dairy sector globally.

Please share this newsletter widely within your networks to show your contacts what they could be part of and collaborate in the name of dairy for the benefit of us all! 

GDAA Advisory Council Meeting

In August the very first Advisory Council meeting of the GDAA was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Representatives from the FAO, World Bank, American Humane Association, Rabobank, Solidaridad, Asda/Walmart, and the Global Round Table for Sustainable Beef (WWF were unable to attend) met with Governors of the GDAA and the Secretariat of the DSF.

The meeting, chaired by Jeremy Hill, Governor of the GDAA, took time to share with the Council the history, structures, policies, strategy and aspirations of the GDAA through a transparent process in an effort to seek feedback from this multi-stakeholder group.

Feedback and discussions from the Council were both challenging and supportive.  Though the feedback was extremely encouraging, there are actions the GDAA can still make to increase its effectiveness.

The Governors have now planned a meeting during the IDF World Dairy Summit to take time to reflect and plan based on the important feedback from the Council.

Aggregate reporting option for DSF membership

Based on the approval of the Advisory Council, the Governors of the GDAA are now in a position to launch a new category of membership of the DSF.  The new aggregation approach allows countries, regions or even small groupings of dairy sector organizations who are collaborating on sustainability programmes to register and report through one coordinating organisation.  This negates the need for individual organisations to undergo the DSF registration process and potentially duplicate an annual reporting procedure,

This approach is more efficient for both the DSF and members and importantly is a manner to ensure that the good work being undertaken via these channels is still captured via the Framework.

Want to find out more about DSF Membership click here

Join us at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania



Many of you may be going to this conference which starts on September 21, 2015.  The GDAA will be there in force and will be taking part in the following sessions:

Saturday September 19 – GDP Annual Meeting

Sunday September 20 – Standing Committee on Environment

Monday September 21 – GDAA Reporting Session 16h00 in the main auditorium – agenda below

Thursday September 24 – Environment Conference

All of these sessions will discuss a different aspect of the GDAA work programme so if in Vilnius, please do look us up and come along to hear more.

GDAA Reporting Session 16h00

Monday 21 September

LITEXPO – Hall 3

1600 Chairman's Introduction - Donald Moore, GDAA Chairman
1605 Collaboration is key - Jeremy Hill, IDF President and DSF Governor
1615 Where have we come from and where are we now? Brian Lindsay, DSF Development Director
1630 Why are we members and what are we doing? Jaap Petraeus,
Manager Corporate Sustainability, FrieslandCampina
1640 Why are we members and what are we doing? Tobie De Villiers
General Manager: Milk Procurement, Clover Industries
1650 An encompassing approach to DSF Membership - Helen Dornom
Manager Sustainability including Food Safety and Integrity, Dairy Australia
1700 Why are we members and what are we doing? Jay Waldvogel, Senior Vice President Of Strategy and International Development, Dairy Farmers of America
1710 Panel discussion – By dairy for dairy 

Attendees are encouraged to remain behind after the session to meet the speakers and other DSF representatives.

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