Issue # 18, July 2017

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There's a call to members to register for our meeting in Belfast in October. We also report on two recent events: GDP's 4th Annual Asian Regional Meeting in Mongolia and the DSF teaming up with the US Innovation Center for Dairy to facilitate a meeting to fully explain the DSF model. Plus much more...

DSF Members Meeting 2017 - book your place now!
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Taking advantage of the fact that many of our members will be travelling to Belfast for the IDF World Dairy Summit in October, we will be holding our second members meeting there on Sunday 29th October 2017 at the Belfast Hilton Hotel.

Join us for a full day of interactive workshops to ensure you are making the most of your membership and supporting our goal to demonstrate the global sector's continuous improvement.

The agenda will include:

  • The launch of FIVE new global indicators

  • How to establish your multi-stakeholder management group

  • The importance of a robust materiality analysis

  • Aggregation

  • A panel discussion with members of the DSF Governors and Advisory Council

  • Networking and drinks event to close

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What are the key challenges & opportunities to implementing your sustainability priorities?

Don’t forget to register for this insightful webinar on Monday 14th August at 09.00 BST.

Different organizations in different countries are faced with very different challenges, and indeed opportunities, in their sustainability journeys.

This webinar will highlight how some of these are being addressed. A great opportunity to hear from companies who have already made significant progress in real-world situations.

Our presenters are:
Helen Dornom, Dairy Australia and Jaap Petraeus, FrieslandCampina

Please register HERE

DSF in the US

The DSF teamed up with the US Aggregating member for the DSF, the Innovation Center for US Dairy, to facilitate a meeting that fully explained the DSF model and how the US, as a committed member of the DSF, has current and planned work streams that align with the DSF requirements.

Some 28 individuals ranging from dairy producers and processors to retailers attended the meeting.

Presentations covered the DSF model and why such an initiative is required at a global and aggregate level, through to how the Innovation Centre work streams enable the US to report their progress at an aggregate level directly to the DSF.

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GDP 4th annual Asian Regional meeting – Hohhot, Inner Mongolia – ‘Dairy’s Role in Health and Wellness’

Over 200 delegates, predominantly from across Asia, assembled in Hohhot for this dynamic one-day conference.  The meeting was organized by Global Dairy Platform with the invaluable support of the Mengniu Dairy Group, whose farms and processing facilities delegates were able to visit to appreciate the phenomenal growth of this business since its inception in 1999.

Conference sessions covered topics such as the importance of dairy in the current Chinese five year plan, dairy economics appreciating how the Chinese dairy sector is performing (with an appreciation of future scenarios as its dairy sector grows), and dairy as an integral dietary component. 

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Identifying global indicators - update

The DSF member survey regarding global high-level indicators concluded in May 2017, but was extended in order to encourage more survey responses. The survey originally garnered 19 responses from 18 organizations representing more than 12 countries.  The deadline extension resulted in three more survey responses.

Survey responders included producers, industry groups, processors, distributers, research organizations, and government entities.  Dr. Matlock and his team are analyzing the data based upon responder-identified priorities.  This process, often called a materiality matrix analysis, will aid in defining a common set of priority key performance indicators (KPIs) for global dairy production. The results of the survey will be presented to DSF members through a series of webinars and a report.

Opinion Piece: Prices and wages are becoming the focus of social sustainability. The dairy sector is well placed to lead
erinch sahan headshot

Erinch Sahan leads the private sector team at Oxfam Great Britain. Since 2011, Erinch has been working at Oxfam to leverage business to tackle poverty and injustice. He is a member of the DSF Advisory Council.

Across the developing world, millions of farmers are trapped in poverty and hunger. Most of the 795 million people who are undernourished in the world live in rural areas, with livelihoods connected to agriculture. Low prices and declining share of value going to farmers are important drivers.

The share of value captured by farmers must be radically increased

In the global cocoa value chain, only 3.5–6 percent of the value of a chocolate bar reaches cocoa farmers. This is a sharp decline from the 1980s, where there was less market concentration in the cocoa supply chain and farmers received 18 percent of the value created in the chain. This trend seems to be repeated across commodities such as tea and coffee.

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