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# Issue 26, April 2019
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The DSF visits UNEA4 and IRLI in Kenya, details of a new Methane project and next DSF Members' Meeting date and much more.

Development Group up and running

Optional for DSF Implementing and compulsory for DSF Aggregating Members, the DSF Development Group had its first meeting for 2019 in March to review the work program.  Discussions included: forthcoming members’ webinar topics, DSF operational procedures and associated information and the development of the DSF annual members’ meeting program.

It was agreed that “meetings”…

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DSF Progress Reporting

After two years of development, the DSF has now completed all 11 High Level Indicator Metrics.  In 2019, the DSF will report on the first seven indicators.  The remaining four indicators that have only recently established their indicator baselines will initiate reporting in 2020.

All Implementing and Aggregating members have been sent the necessary…

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DSF Members' Meeting - Save the Date

The date is set for the annual DSF Members’ Meeting so make sure you put it in your diaries! September 21, 2019.  Members will meet prior to the International Dairy Federation conference which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, (click here for details of the IDF Conference). …

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Methane Project

Many of you may have seen the work from Oxford Martin University in 2019 challenging how methane, though a short-lived climate gas, is treated like Carbon as a long-lived climate gas under IPCC reporting protocols.

The DSF is facilitating a work stream to look more deeply at the science behind the Oxford Martin work…

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FAO Report: Climate Change and the Global Dairy Sector



This FAO study constitutes a time series GHG study (as opposed to the usual ‘snap shot’ approach associated with studies of this nature) for the 10-year period 2005 – 2015.

The dairy sector has made considerable progress through this 10-year period.  Whilst increasing milk output…

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In March the United Nations Environment Assembly was held in Nairobi Kenya.  The DSF was able to attend this Assembly as part of the Global Dairy Platform delegation coordinated by the International Agri-Food Network.

This provided the opportunity to deliver:

  • Two speaking slots and subsequent panel discussions
  • 12 bilateral meetings with…
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ILRI Mazingira – Understanding GHG emissions in the African Context!



When attending the recent UNEA meeting in Nairobi Kenya, the DSF Director was lucky enough to learn of some of the important studies being undertaken by the International Livestock Research Institute and more specifically through the Mazingira Centre.  (Mazingira is the Swahili word for environment).

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World Milk Day 2019

Instagram Photo 1080 x1080 WMD


Last year, World Milk Day took social media by storm – occurring over 42 hours around the world with 586 events in 72 countries, with the hashtag #WorldMilkDay reaching 868 million impressions.

This year, the Global Dairy Platform is counting on all of you to

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The African Dairy Conference & Exhibition

The African Dairy Conference and Exhibition (AfDa) is the largest and most comprehensive convergence of dairy stakeholders in Africa.  The event, whose main objective is technology transfer, knowledge sharing and nurturing of business partnerships for regional and international trade, provides a conducive platform for dairy enthusiasts to experience the latest cutting edge technologies and innovations…

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African Dairy Conference

Launch of the Manure Challenge

The Yield Lab Institute has launched ‘The Manure Challenge: An expedited way to circular farm systems’.  This is a start-up competition/ accelerator program that identifies innovative manure-based product solutions and supports the most promising ones with business and market development coaching.  Click here for more information.

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