# Issue 29, December 2019
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We report on new research into the impact of cattle health on GHG emissions presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, the US Materiality Experience and much more...

GDP and GRA share new research at World's largest Climate Summit

Global Dairy Platform (GDP) and the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) last week reported on new research underway that examines how dairy cattle health improvement can positively impact greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. An update on this study was provided at a side event during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in…

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COP Madrid

Focusing on the right sustainability issues - the US Materiality Experience!

DSF Aggregating and Implementing members will be fully aware of the DSF requirement of the implementation of a materiality assessment process to prioritise the DSF Criteria. The process of identifying the genuine material issues for members is a powerful and rewarding process that ensures the member organization targets its resources and continuous improvement strategy development…

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DSF Reporting Heads Up! - all 11 criteria are now to be reported in 2020

DSF Implementing and Aggregating Members will be aware that in 2020 the DSF will start reporting progress on all 11 DSF Criteria.  Of course members only need to report progress on the Criteria that they have prioritised as a result of their materiality analysis.

The High Level Indicator metrics that have been developed are…

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IDF releases latest tool to share knowledge in dairy welfare

IDF animal health report no. 13


The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has released the 13th edition of its Animal Health Report, presenting animal welfare research from nine different countries and in particular, showcasing Sweden’s significant experience in this area of research.

The new edition of the IDF Animal Health Report

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NZ Primary Industry Climate Change Commitment

A new climate change collaboration was launched in October between the NZ Government and primary industry organisations. The NZ Government have agreed to work with industry on the plan proposed by industry which consists of a programme of practical actions to support their farmers in actively…

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NZ report Our Future in our hands

FAO LEAP guidelines on water footprinting released



This autumn the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership released the FAO LEAP guideline on Water use of livestock production systems and supply chains. The document presents principles, requirements and guidelines for water use assessments of livestock production systems and supply chains.

The guideline…

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Sustainable livestock systems to improve human health, nutrition and economic status

An interesting paper published in the journal Animal Frontiers, Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2019, ILRI scientist Padmakumar Varijakshapanicker and his co-authors conclude:
Livestock production contributes to environmental sustainability through conversion of human-unusable energy into highly nutritious animal-sourced foods, thereby contributing to the reduction in organic waste and pollution in the world, but also provide…

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Eat less red meat, Scientists said. Now some believe that was bad advice (from NY Times)

The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. The findings “erode public trust,” critics said. Public health officials for years have urged Americans to limit consumption of red meat and processed meats because of concerns that these foods are linked to heart disease, cancer…

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Food for thought...

The importance of ruminants and well managed production systems – the positive impact Agriculture can have on climate change… watch the video

Have you ever thought about the water-scarcity impacts of producing your favourite foods?   It takes 21 litres of water to produce a small chocolate bar.  How water-wise is your diet?  …

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The Dairy Sustainability Alliance® 2020 Dairy Sustainability Forum, Oak Brook, Illinois – 22 to 23 April, 2020. 

10th Annual Multi-stakeholder Partnership Meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL), Delémont, Switzerland – 14 to 20 June 2020

DSF Members Meeting, Capetown, South Africa – 26 September 2020

If you have…

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