# Issue 30, February 2020
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We report on a recent DSF visit to Japan, progress on the Global Warming Potential (GWP*) project, the latest ways the dairy industry is tackling climate change around the world and much more...

DSF Reporting deadline March 31 2020

Implementing and Aggregating Members will soon be receiving reporting guidelines along with a reporting spreadsheet to enable them to report to the DSF on their progress with their priority criteria indicators by March 31.  The DSF Governors have asked the secretariat to acknowledge, on the DSF website, all those member organisations who take the time to…

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February 2020 – DSF and the Japanese Dairy Sector

Japan large


J-Milk on behalf of the Sustainability Working Group involving Japan’s three largest dairy Companies, Meiji, Snow Brand and Morinaga and J-Milk itself, hosted a visit by the DSF to explore collaboratively the most appropriate membership model that added the most value domestically whilst ensuring…

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DSF Members meeting 2020 - save the date!
Cape Town


The date is set for the annual DSF Members’ Meeting (immediately prior to the IDF World Dairy Summit)  so make sure you put it in your diaries!  September 26, 2020 – Cape Town.  

The programme is now being developed with the support of the DSF Development…

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GWP* Project

Many will be aware that Global Dairy Platform is coordinating a project on behalf of a number of global ruminant sector organisations (beef, dairy and sheep) to better understand  the scientific evidence base and the implications of applying the GWP* approach to quantify methane emissions in the atmosphere.  Under the current GWP100 approach used…

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EU Sustainable Dairy Fact Book 2019: Combatting the Carbon Challenge

Eu SUstainable Dairy NI 2019


The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has published an EU Sustainable Dairy fact book, which details the key research and knowledge transfer initiatives pioneered in the Northern Ireland dairy sector.   The fact book is an EU-funded resource developed in collaboration with the European Milk Forum. …

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European Green Deal - the European Dairy Industry is ready to join forces to tackle all environmental and climate challenges

In mid-December 2019, the European Commission presented the ‘European Green Deal’, the EU flagship initiative with the objective to transform Europe and shape the future of the European continent and the EU dairy industry.

The ‘Green Deal’ is about more than just climate change —…

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EDA report The Dairy sector and the green deal Dec 2019

Five practical actions towards low-carbon livestock



Livestock provide valuable nutritional benefits as well as supporting livelihoods and the resilience of families and communities.  Demand for animal products continues to grow in response to rising population and increasing wealth, especially in low- and middle-income countries.  In spite of productivity gains, greenhouse gas emissions…

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Ahead of the curd: how the Australian dairy industry is tackling climate change

With the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warning there are only 12 years to limit catastrophe, the need for climate action has become louder and more urgent.  A recent article in the Guardian newspaper (Australia), highlights how some Australian dairy farmers have been championing sustainable practices for decades.  For the full article, click…

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Net zero by 2050 is possible: success rests on three pillars

Shunichi Miyanaga, Chairman of the Board at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has written this article which discusses three key areas that will be crucial to achieve Net Zero by 2050: scaling up technology, policy changes and generating demand. Click here to read the article.

Regenerative Agriculture in Australia

For some, regenerative practices are synonymous with good farming, the way it has always been done. For others, it is a new concept, an exciting brand of farming seen as a way out in a time of hardship and uncertainty. What is regenerative agriculture?  The full article can be read here

Upcoming Events

-Sequ Scientific workshop – April 2 and 3, London (for more details contact brian@lilndsay-consulting.com
The Dairy Sustainability Alliance® 2020 Dairy Sustainability Forum, Oak Brook, Illinois – 22 to 23 April, 2020
10th Annual Multi-stakeholder Partnership Meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL), Delémont, Switzerland – 14 to 20 June 2020
DSF Annual Members Meeting, Capetown, South Africa – 26 September 2020
IDF World Dairy Summit – Capetown, South Africa – September 28 – October 1, 2020

If you have any forthcoming events that you think would interest DSF Members, please send details to info@dairysustainabilityframework.org and we will do our best to include them in future newsletters

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