#36 March 2021
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We report on recent DSF activities and topical items for those engaged in sustainability efforts in the dairy sector... 

DSF Annual Reporting deadline - 31 March

Implementing and Aggregating Members will soon be receiving their reporting spreadsheet along with the reporting guidelines to enable them to report to the DSF on their progress with their priority criteria indicators by March 31.  The DSF Governors have asked the secretariat to continue to acknowledge, on the DSF website, all those member organisations who…

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DSF Members Webinar 2021 Programme

In January we heard from Hochwald Foods, Germany, Leo van Sijll, who gave us a fascinating insight into their efforts on the Rural Economies.   Members learned about the position and structure of the dairy sector in Germany, and the journey Hochwald Foods took as a result…

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Animal Care Community of Interest off to a great start



Facilitated by Alejandra Viedma of Consorcio Lechero, DSF Aggregating member from Chile, we were delighted to have members joining from eight countries (four continents) to kick off the first meeting of the Animal Care community at the end of January. Alejandra presented briefly on animal welfare…

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Excellent beginnings for the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Community of Interest

Hot on the heels of the Animal Care Community of Interest (CI) group, the GHG Emissions CI met in early February.  Joe McMahan of Innovation Center for US Dairy, DSF Aggregating Member for the U.S., is the lead for this community.  The CI will provide a…

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Largest Milk Producing Countries 1961 - 2019



Have you ever wondered about the evolution of the dairy sector?  If you haven’t already seen this, take a few minutes to watch this fascinating 4-minute clip Milk Production by Country 1961-2019 which  shows how milk producing countries have evolved over the last 58 years.  It may take you a couple of views to…

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An Environmental and Economic Path Toward Net Zero Dairy Farm Emissions

A thought-provoking paper published in January by Jason Clay, Ph.D., SVP Markets, WWF-US, who many of you will recall was a keynote speaker at our 2020 DSF Members Meeting.  Dr Clay suggests that by optimizing feed production, feed efficiency, enteric emissions, manure and nutrient management, energy generation and use, and realizing the synergies that can…

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Climate Change and the Global Dairy Sector report - now available in Japanese

The FAO and Global Dairy Platform are pleased to announce that the Climate Change and the Global Dairy Cattle Sector publication is now available in Japanese.  To download the Japanese version click here

Sustainability News from DSF Members

We continue to share dairy sustainability news from around the membership.  If you have materials that you would like to share, please do let the DSF Secretariat know.

Dairy Sustainability eNews from Australia

EU Sustainable Dairy: From Research to Practice on Northern Ireland Dairy Farms Fact Book published by The…

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Food for thought...
  • Climate Change: what’s the emergency?
  • Time to reflect: 5 lessons from 2020 for sustainability
  • Prosperity at “devastating” cost to nature
  • Agriculture bosses say lowering carbon emissions is ‘ethically right’, but Nationals call for farm exemptions
  • The Evolution of Private Sector Action in Sustainable Development

Climate Change: what’s the…

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Upcoming Events

If you have any forthcoming events that you think would be of interest to the DSF community, please send details to DSF Secretariat and we will do our best to include them in future newsletters..
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