Issue #42, March 2022
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We provide updates on Pathways to Dairy Net Zero and other recent DSF activities, as well as a spotlight on biodiversity and much more... 

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero - How transformative agrifood systems can help achieve the SDGs

As many of you will be aware, last year, the global dairy sector launched Pathways to Dairy Net Zero (P2DNZ), a ground-breaking climate initiative, to demonstrate its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while continuing to provide nutritious foods and livelihoods for billions of people. …

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Pathways to dairy net zero

DSF Communities of Interest

CI logos


Both Animal Care and GHG Emissions Communities of Interest (CoI) have recently gathered feedback from their group members about their first year of meetings. Feedback has been positive on what the groups have covered and also constructive in informing future meeting topic shortlists.

This month…

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Biodiversity and dairy production - opportunity or threat?

Biodiversity is crucial for both the planet and people, playing a key role in providing ecosystem services, regulation of the climate, pollination, maintaining soil health and adaptation to climate change.  However, biodiversity is currently declining at an unparalleled rate1, creating one of the most urgent environmental…

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DSF Webinars

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Earlier this month, the DSF webinar attendees discussed waste.  Mission possible: reducing waste and making sustainability good business for dairy processing was the title of the presentation provided by Charles Brand, Executive Vice President, Processing, Solutions and Equipment at Tetra Pak.  Charles described how Tetra Pak…

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IPCC Report published - Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently published the second of three major reports.  The report: Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability warns of the perils of inaction and calls for urgent action to avoid increasing loss of life, biodiversity and infrastructure.  The…

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IPCC Climate Change report image 2022

DSF 2020 Annual reporting now available in 5 languages

reporting in 5 lang


The 2020 DSF Reporting is now available for download in five languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese & Spanish) on the DSF website homepage.

DSF Implementing and Aggregating members are currently completing their annual reporting information for 2021 which is due in by 31 March…

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Milchindustrie-Verband e.V. (MIV) joins the DSF as the aggregating member for Germany

The DSF continues to grow and were delighted to welcome a new aggregating member last month, Milchindustrie-Verband e.V. (MIV).  The Association of the German Dairy Industry (MIV) is the umbrella organisation of the German milk processing companies consisting of approximately 80 high-performing privately owned, cooperative and…

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New Dairy Nutrition Resources

US nutrition factsheets


The National Dairy Council in the US has released some new resources on the important part dairy foods can play in nourishing people throughout their lives.  The information takes the form of bullet point factsheets from Pregnant & breast feeding women, Infants 6 – 11 months…

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March’s Food for thought…
  • Why cows may be hiding something, but AI can spot it
  • Mapping Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Exploitation
  • Farmers given tax break in return for Nationals’ support for net zero by 2050
  • How green are Premier League clubs & what are they doing to help?

Why cows may be…

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Other Sustainability News from DSF Members

We continue to share dairy sustainability news from around the membership.

Dairy Sustainability eNews from Australia

If you have sustainability materials or news you would like to share, please contact the DSF Secretariat.

Upcoming Events

International conference on Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission in High Productive Agriculture, 3 - 5 May 2022 - Aarhus Denmark
Nordic Dairy Congress, 18-20 May in Malmö, Sweden
World Milk Day - 1 June 2022
World Environment Day - 5 June 2022
Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference (GGAA) June 5-10, 2022 - Orlando, Florida
IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 - 12 – 15 September 2022 in New Delhi, India
UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC COP 27) - 7-18 November 2022 Egypt

If you have any forthcoming events that you think would be of interest to the DSF community, please send details to the DSF Secretariat and we will do our best to include them in future newsletters.

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