Issue # 11, May 2016
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We profile the WFO, new to the GDAA Governance group, introduce a new retailer implementing member and report on the latest progress report from Dairy Australia's Sustainability Framework. With much more...

Save the date - DSF member's meeting

Connecting members and initiatives is one of the key drivers of the DSF. For this reason we are organising a meeting which will allow DSF members to meet and and engage with each other as well as with the GDAA Governors and members of the GDAA Advisory Council.

To coincide with those travelling to the IDF World Dairy Summit in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in October, we are planning a meeting on the morning of Friday 14th October 2016. 

The session will also include specialist speakers on key sustainability topics, challenging us, the dairy community, to develop a platform for us to work together in identifying potential solutions to the sustainability challenges we are facing.

WFO joins the GDAA Governers

The GDAA-DSF Governance Group is comprised of dairy sector representatives from around the globe and across the dairy value chain who have a genuine interest in collaboratively solving dairy sector sustainability challenges. Strengthening this, we are delighted to confirm that the World Farmers' Organisation (WFO) has agreed to join the Group.

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New retailer member



We are very pleased to confirm that Ahold has joined the DSF as an implementing member. Ahold is an international retailing group based in the Netherlands and active in the United States and Europe. Supermarkets are the core of the business. However, it operates a range of other formats and is continuing to expand its online options to serve the needs of different communities and to give customers more shopping alternatives.

Ahold’s responsible retailing ethos means playing an active role when it comes to its supply chain and the environment and we look forward to engaging with this important part of the dairy value chain.

DSF supporting Chilean project with Consortia Lechero


The DSF has been supporting a collaboratively funded project in Chile being implemented by Consortia Lechero, a cross industry collaborative group which has the mission to: Become the articulator of the national dairy chain to increase its competitiveness

Importantly those involved in the project see this basically as ‘sustainability’, recognising all the different components that interact to make the mission possible. At a recent meeting with the delivery personal of this project, practical implementation of the Framework was discussed.  

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Australia's Sustainability Framework Progress Report

The 2015 Sustainability Framework Progress Report, a snapshot of the Australian dairy industry’s efforts to become more sustainable, has been released.

Dairy Australia's Sustainability Manager Helen Dornom explains in a podcast the background to the report, its importance to the industry as a whole and what has been achieved.




Local problems, local solutions

Implementing Membership of the DSF requires a management structure of key stakeholders to be established. One of these, dependent on the criteria, may be local civil society. This article looks at a project in Latin America where local communities and civil society organisations (CSOs) developed and implemented solutions to environmental challenges.

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New website for the project to reduce enteric methane

‘Reducing Enteric Methane for Improving Food Security and Livelihoods’, a project implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre in association with the Global Research Alliance (GRA), has a new website where you will soon be able to see results from the project.

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