Public Consultation – 2018 Indicator Metrics

The Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) is in the process of developing high level indicators for 11 global Sustainability Criteria. These indicators will enable the sector to quantify the aggregate global progress across the 11 criteria and act to demonstrate that the dairy sector is heading in the right direction. Two of the eleven Global Criteria indicators were developed in 2016, and five were developed in 2017. The four remaining are being developed now. The four high level indicators included in the 2018 indicator development were:

• Waste 
• Market Development
• Rural Economies  
• Produce Safety and Quality 
The criteria enable the DSF to align the sector and publicly report global progress of the dairy industry, and to demonstrate that the dairy sector globally considers sustainability seriously. The DSF operates a continuous improvement model with high level reporting on indicators. This approach allows the sector to accommodate the diversity of global dairy production and processing which includes both emerging and developed dairy nations. Members can implement continuous improvement programs that are appropriate to their own stage of sustainability development.
The four indicators in 2018 were developed through a process of constant engagement with DSF members to gain their feedback on a global perspective on what is appropriate.
Following an extensive consultation with the membership, we are now seeking input from external stakeholders on the indicators and reporting guidelines developed. We welcome and encourage any comments or feedback that you may have to ensure the process remains transparent and collaborative to continue to improve the sustainability of the dairy sector globally. This process will be available to external stakeholders until 15th October, from which point we will analyze the comments and generate a response, before finalizing the indicator reports.
Please follow this link to review and comment.