The Fonterra approach to DSF pilots

Fonterra in New Zealand chose to be part of the Dairy Sustainability Framework to ensure that their existing and future sustainability programmes were aligned to a global vision for dairy sustainability; that they reflect best practice; and to support dairying partners around the world in their efforts to embed sustainable practices within their business.

Fonterra undertakes an annual sustainability review (that is required by the DSF) that is aligned with the DSF Criteria.  For this reason the Sustainability Team chose to run the DSF Pilot alongside the review, to check and validate that Fonterra’s approach was aligned; and to understand where the DSF adds value to the process.  Throughout the review process the 11 DSF Criteria and Strategic Intents have informed the prioritisation and refresh components of the action plans.

The annual review process has a number of key components:

  • Understanding stakeholder perspectives
  • Reviewing business performance
  • Prioritisation of materials issues and actions
  • Developing/refreshing action plans on key topics
  • Deployment and reporting.

A meeting of the Pilot Coordinators will take place in early July to check progress and provide support to ensure that the desired outcomes at the conclusion of 2015 are delivered and a series of case studies are developed to support other potential or new members of the DSF.