The Dairy Sustainability Framework

Providing a global framework for a holistic approach to sustainability

The Dairy Sustainability Framework has been developed to provide overarching goals and alignment of the sector’s actions globally on the path to sustainability.

The DSF will enable the dairy sector to take a holistic approach to sustainability through a common language, alignment of international sustainability activity and through this generate a common sustainability commitment that can be expressed at a global level, but also regional, national and organizational levels.

The Dairy Sustainability Framework Vision

A vibrant dairy sector committed to continuously improving its ability to provide safe and nutritious products from healthy cattle, while:

  1. Preserving natural resources
  2. Ensuring decent livelihoods across the industry

The Principles of the Dairy Sustainability Framework

The Dairy Sustainability Framework has been designed on the following three principles:

  • Align

    Ensure regional or localised sustainability programs are aligned under the sector’s vision for sustainability.

  • Connect

    Bring together all regional and local activity and share this with the membership to increase the speed of solution finding.

  • Progress

    Through a collaborative and focused framework, the speed of activity and subsequent progress is accelerated.